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Dev Tour Exhaust – Polished not Chromed

I had posted a question on the Lambretta Club of Australia Forum about what to do with my Dev Tour Exhaust, when it arrived from the UK it came looking very rough indeed. The burn marks on each of the welds really stick out for me and I was not very happy about it, particularly when you see some really sparkling exhausts on Lambretta’s these days, plus it looked a lot shinier on the web site that I bought it from.

Anyway, the general consensus from the local enthusiasts was to polish it. I looked into doing this myself to save a few bucks but in the end I was up for three types of polishing compound, and extra polishing wheel for my angle grinder, so it made more sense to give it to an expert.

A few phone calls later and the exhaust was dropped off to Derek at TigMig in Brookvale for some initial testing to see if this would work & boy did it.

You can clearly see the results of 1 minute on the buffing wheel this below, the weld in the middle of the shot was on the buffing wheel for no more than a minute and you can see what it looked like based on the weld on the top right of the picture.

The other two shots are a before and after of the worst effected burn marks, came up a treat.

Needless to say I left it with him to finish off the whole exhaust.